Student writing on board in HSERC

Teaching and Learning


  • Interprofessional Learning Pathway

    An interprofessional Learning Pathway is an educational initiative of the Health Sciences Education and Research Commons comprised of a series of progressive interprofessional learning experiences. These requirements ensure that health science students achieve competence in four interprofessional core competencies upon graduation: communication, collaboration, role clarification and reflection. The interprofessional Learning Pathway is integrated into and threads throughout each student’s existing pre-practice curriculum.
  • INT D 410: Interprofessional Health Team Development

    INT D 410: Interprofessional Health Team Development prepares students for the challenges of their future work environments by developing their skills in interprofessional communication, collaboration, role clarification, and reflection

  • INT D 411: Advanced Interprofessional  Team Practice

    INT D 411: Advanced Health Team Practice is an elective course in which individual students join an existing interprofessional team at their practice site and serve as a catalyst for the clinical team to reflect on their group processes.

Professional and Faculty Development

  • Workshops in Facilitation

    There are three interprofessional facilitation workshops designed to prepare INT D 410 facilitators with the knowledge and skills they need to guide and assess interprofessional student teams.
  • Workshops in Simulation

    IHEP developed these two simulation courses: Interdisciplinary Simulation in Healthcare: Educator Training Course (Sim ETC) and the Debriefing Interdisciplinary Simulation Workshop.

Virtual Interprofessional Educator Resource (VIPER) Centre

A web-based interprofessional resource centre, the Virtual Interprofessional Educator Resource (VIPER) Centre will support classroom and clinical practice educators and health science students by housing interprofessional education resources in one easy to access location. The VIPER Centre will feature: student focused resources, student interprofessional portfolios and instructor development resources.