Three health science students with computer


HSERC Lab in Edmonton Clinic Health Academy

HSERC is now housed in the Edmonton Clinic Health Academy (ECHA), the first interdisciplinary research and education facility of its kind in Canada.

A beautiful building that spans the length of two football fields, ECHA offers HSERC a collaborative, supportive, and vibrant working environment for students, clinicians, researchers, and staff.

Curricular Resources

Educational and interprofessional resources for faculty instructors, practice educators and health science students are available through HSERC. Resources include guides to interprofessional shadowing for students and practicioners, tips for developing learning experiences using simulation and standardized patients, the interprofessional learning pathway competency framework, and a standardized patient toolkit.


HSERC is home to state-of-the-art simulation equipment that can be incorporated into team-based learning experiences for health science students, and that can support curriculum development and education research. Equipment includes world-class CPR trainers, patient simulators, task trainers, rehabilitation equipment, video capture systems, medical beds, and specialty products.


HSERC’s new space in the Edmonton Clinic Health Academy provides 1,400 m2 (15,000 nsf) of highly flexible space designed to support health science education using simulation and other technologies. Find out more about each room’s size, equipment, special features, and potential educational and research activities.