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HSERC Projects

IHEP Project

The Interdisciplinary Health Education Partnership (IHEP) project’s purpose is to develop and assess standardized interdisciplinary learning modules using simulation platforms. In short, IHEP is a great way for students to develop interdisciplinary communication skills through a series of interdisciplinary health team simulations using standardized patients, high fidelity mannequins, and virtual world technology.

IIPEC Project

The Integration of Interprofessional Competencies in Health Sciences Programs (IIPEC): Building a bridge from the classroom to practice environments project investigates the development, pilot and evaluation of interprofessional educational resources and mechanisms to support health science students, their academic instructors and their practice educators in the enhancement of their interprofessional core competencies.

The project focuses on two key initiatives: the Interprofessional Pathway Launch and the Virtual Interprofessional Educator Resource (VIPER) Centre.

IPCLU Project

The Interprofessional Clinical Learning Unit (IPCLU): Building Clinical Education Capacity with Interprofessional Clinical Learning Units across the Continuum of Care is a project aimed to implement IPCLUs in three different patient care contexts in Edmonton. An IPCLU is a collaboration of students, faculty, and patient care team members looking to bridge the perceived gap between academic and clinical roles in an interprofessional health care setting by working together to enhance and achieve learning objectives.  

HCA-T Project

Health Care Aides and Technology (HCA-T) is an interdisciplinary project that addresses a key strategic objective of Alberta’s Health Workforce Action Plan – to increase the capacity of the health workforce by increasing productivity and reducing workload through the application of ICT.