Minister Maryam Monsef visits Smart Condo

 Minister Maryam Monsef visits Smart Condo 

Eleni Stroulia, Professor Computing Science, and Lili Liu, Chair, Occupational Therapy , chat with the Honourable Maryam Monsef, federal Minster for Democratic Institutions 


On Friday, February 26, The Honourable Maryam Monsef, federal Minster for Democratic Institutions, visited the Smart Condo™ in the Health Sciences Education and Research Commons. Academic leads Lili Liu, Chair, Occupational Therapy, and Eleni Stroulia, Professor, Computing Science, lead the tour on this highly specialized space. The Smart Condo™ is an interdisciplinary research space where researcher teams are collaborating to improve the health management of patients living independently at home.

The Smart Condo™ is one of the most advanced examples of remote monitoring capability to assist seniors "Aging in the Right Place" anywhere. It includes novel and off-the-shelf sensors, the use of avatars to represent the location and activities of participants, and advanced inferencing algorithms to accurately identify adverse events.

The Smart Condo™ team consists of researchers, educators and community partners from various disciplines including Rehabilitation Medicine, Computing Science, Industrial Design, Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Paliative Care, Nursing and Educational Psychology.

Learn more about the Smart Condo™  here.