Female student wearing blue scrubs attending to high fidelity mannequin

Providing care to patients with increasingly complex challenges within an evolving health system requires a new approach to health science education. The Health Sciences Education and Research Commons (HSERC) is committed to equipping the next generation of health professionals with the skills to provide such care. 

HSERC is a shared resource comprising eight faculties with two essential parts. First, HSERC is home to interprofessional curriculum with a focus on supporting the development and evaluation of team-based learning experiences for all health science faculties. Second, HSERC has a suite of simulation learning environments and simulation services (e.g. Standardized Patient Program) to support curriculum development/delivery and education research.

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  1. HELP! Save Stan: Call for Facilitators

    February 02 2017

    Become an interprofessional health team simulation facilitator with Save Stan Save Stan facilitators have access to free training in proven simulation debriefing methods applicable across disciplines. Our trainers have hands-on experience and a proven track record in interprofessional health team education.

  2. Up close and poor

    November 28 2016

    Health science students get a taste of the daily desperation of living in poverty.

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