Interprofessional Education Simulation Development Fund – Call for Proposals

Application deadline: May 15, 2017
Download the application form

In alignment with the Health Sciences Council’s Strategic Plan, the goal of the Interprofessional Education (IPE) Simulation Development Fund is to support the development and evaluation of sustainable IPE simulations involving, but not limited to, the health sciences. Interprofessional education is when learning occurs with, from and about two or more professions (CAIPE, 2002). Funds are available for the development, implementation and evaluation of 2 collaborative IPE simulation projects up to $10,000 each.

Successful applicants will work with members of the HSERC team to develop and evaluate the IPE simulation, ensuring alignment with HSERC’s IPE evaluation framework. The implementation of the IPE simulation may occur in learning experiences, such as the Essentials of Collaborative Practice (ECP) – Experiential Learning sessions (INT D 410) in the fall, Save Stan Simulation or in another course(s) within faculties/programs. For more information on interprofessional learning experiences see and

Eligibility: Applications are invited from persons engaged in teaching and learning sessions for students in the health sciences faculties at the University of Alberta. Co-applicants are required on each proposal to demonstrate collaboration across programs. Co-applicants may be from faculties outside the health sciences.

Successful applicants are expected to provide the following:
  • Project description (details required below)
  • Evidence of a project plan;
  • Plans to present to the University health sciences community;
  • Within 3 months of the end of the project, recipients must submit a final report. Recipients will be asked to complete a consent form authorizing sharing of project information on the HSERC website.
Selection Committee: The members of the selection committee will be determined by the Interprofessional Research and Evaluation Committee.

Application Requirements: Complete the application form in addition to the following:
  1. Abstract: Provide an abstract (up to 150 words) about your proposed project that highlights the items below. This abstract will be used for promotional purposes.

  2. Project Description: Include in your proposal, comments on the following criteria as they relate to the project. Applications will benefit from demonstrating how the project is related to educational theory and/orIPE/collaborative practice.

    a. Interprofessional Education: Demonstrate how the project will represent a joint undertaking involving at least two professions. Clearly state where (e.g. course, ECP, Save Stan) the IPE simulation will be implemented. Identifying the level of learner and specific IPE learning objectives are recommended.

    b. Evaluation: Include a comprehensive evaluation strategy (e.g., what are the outcomes/desired results of the project and how will these be measured?). Specific evaluation and/or research questions and related research methodology need to be clearly defined.

    c. Sustainability / Impact on Students: Demonstrate how the proposed activity has the potential for sustained improvements in interprofessional education outcomes. Clearly state how the project will continue to operate beyond the funding period.

    d. Dissemination: Include a dissemination plan outlining where the evaluation and/or research results will be shared.Proposals should be single spaced and will not exceed 5 pages excluding reference citations.

  3. Budget, Justification, and Schedule of Timelines: Provide a budget along with justification and a schedule of timelines. The budget is to be aligned with the fiscal year April 1 to March 31. The start date should not be earlier than the adjudication date, and the project should not exceed two years.

Proposals should be single spaced and will not exceed 5 pages excluding reference citations.

Submit a signed PDF copy of the application form along with the rest of your application to by May 15, 2017. Include “IPE Simulation Development Fund application” in your email’s subject line.